structural bodywork & restorative massage

Not all massage/bodywork is created equal!  
Experience the difference Experience makes.
My primary mission is to restore & restructure your body, quiet your mind, and soothe your spirit.

Truly great bodywork blends the empirical with the intuitive. As a practitioner of massage as medicine, my accomplished bodywork uses a myriad of modalities: myofascial release therapy, neural manipulation, visceral manipulation, passive/assisted stretching, trigger point, deep tissue, neuro-muscular therapy, craniosacral, strain/counterstrain.

Providing pain relief and restoration of acute & chronic conditions.
Easing culprit muscles, synergists & antagonists, + surrounding fascia of:

♦sore, tense, overworked muscles
 ♦‘slept-on-it wrong’ necks
♦structural limitations
♦general body aches and pains
♦frazzled nervous systems
♦‘over-the handlebars’ whiplash
♦‘marathon legs’
♦‘bad backs’
  ♦limited range-of-motion joints
♦post-accident injuries
  ♦‘soccer IT bands’
repetitive motion activities
   ♦‘sit all day hips’
♦over-worked jaws-TMJ/TMD
AND, the myriad list of living in our too fast-paced world. 

Effective and healing for all ages, from the very young to the most mature body.  60-120 minute sessions can be treatment-focused for specific issues, conditions, and rehabilitation, or more generally focused.  All sessions are catered to suit your needs. 

Bodywork complements any healthcare approach.


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