Move organically, from the inside out

Integrate the powerful tools of posture, balance, movement, and breathing to create structural change, and relax deeply, while the mind and body heal.

Learn from this ancient practice to restore, promote, and strengthen your health.  Yoga sessions are safe, effective ways to manage health, reduce symptoms and restore the body’s balance.  Develop a practice for on-going wellness; rehab specific injuries/ trauma; adjunct other therapies; or just melt with restorative down time from the craze of life.

Sessions are mindful and alignment-focused to cultivate balance, awareness, and equanimity while increasing range-of-motion, flexibility, & strength.

Come once to learn specific movements for enhanced healing, compliment an established routine, or practice with me regularly.

Tailored to your specific needs and capabilities.  Most sessions are typically one-hour. Photos and video of sessions are available upon request.