intuitive energy healing

Stress Reduction Missoula MT

What your body is trying to tell you?

Discover what you need to heal
Learn the cause of your unexplained symptoms
Restore physical, emotional & spiritual health

Connect with your body’s innate healing system

Your body has the answers
Your body can heal itself

Sessions provide mind, body & spirit connections:
science-based & intuitive
integrative & personalized
powerful & effective

what is intuitive energy healing?

Modern quantum physics provides the framework for energy medicine. Ever since Einstein demonstrated that matter and energy were interchangeable, we underst00d that our bodies are energetic. Our bodies are matter & vital energy.

The human energy field is a dynamic system of powerful influences that are in a unique relationship to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our body functions are powered by energy: electrical, magnetic, light, and subtle. The heart beats using energy pulses. The brain and nervous system communicates with the entire body, down to the cellular level, through complex energetic pathways. Body energy is constantly reacting to our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Energy medicine works directly with our energy, our innate healing system.

what is an intuitive energy session?

Nurturing sessions integrate ancient and contemporary approaches to transform mind, body & spirit. Working directly with the body’s energy, sessions merge Western science such as epigenetics, emotional operating systems, and stress mindsets, with Eastern medicine, such as meridians, 5 elements, chakras, and acupoint therapy. Integrative sessions can also include yogic and shamanic strategies. All sessions utilize modalities that are specific to your body, and provide powerful and effective healing.

Receive solutions for your complete well-being: physical emotional & spiritual health
All sessions offer deep insights into core issues for positive life shifts.

what can an intuitive session address?

Almost any health issue!

Whether you have an imbalance to correct, a condition to heal, or want to supercharge what’s healthy, intuitive sessions provide connection to the body’s innate healing power. Sessions provide support for all phases of any medical care and treatment. This modality is effective as an independent therapy, or successful as an adjunct therapy.

What is bodyInuitive?

Sessions incorporate a holistic healing system that combines 21st century medical science with centuries old Chinese medicine. bodyIntuitive leverages the most recent scientific understanding of mindbody connections with the wisdom of ancient proven Classical Chinese Medicine – combining them for powerful comprehensive treatments.

A mindbody map integrates physical, metabolic, energetic, and emotional factors behind health and disease; decoding and unlocking the story behind your symptoms. Informed precision intuition coupled with neuromuscular feedback provide the powerful avenue into this roadmap, into your innate healing intelligence.

Discover, then untangle the ‘WHY’ behind health issues and symptoms.  Your body’s story of the myriad of causative layers behind your symptoms—-isn’t it time to discover the why?

Why your pain, food intolerances, environmental allergies, migraines, autoimmune condition, anxiety, digestive problems, chronic health issues, difficulty letting go of emotionally-charged memories and other unhealthy patterns, hormonal imbalances…..and the endless list of symptoms associated with imbalances. 

Find out if your symptoms are. . .

  • biochemical?
  • emotional?
  • microbial?
  • hormonal?
  • neurological?
  • metabolic?
  • epigenetic (lifestyle factors imprinted on your DNA)?
  • stress? 
  • energetic?
  • a combination of factors? 

what is a session like?

Sessions offered in-person, or as distance tele-health sessions (via phone or zoom). Energy is not bound by time or space; distance sessions provide the same healing benefits as in-person.

Our session together is a good time to pause deeply from everyday experience and take time to focus on yourself. We’ll discuss your healing needs and goals, then cater the session accordingly.

For in-person appointments, sessions take place sitting in a chair or laying on the massage table, fully clothed. For virtual sessions you’ll rest comfortably and easily in your space while we stay connected via phone or video.

All sessions include integrative simple & effective treatment plans, with both Eastern and Western strategies, such acupoints, herbs, breathing exercises, resources, resets and other valuable approaches specific to you and your healing.

Sessions range from 50-70 minutes.

In every medical tradition before ours,

healing was accomplished by moving energy.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, biochemist, Nobel Prize winner

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